Cow Garden Diary

Episodes arise in Terao Cow Garden are written

I wrote a column in the MSJ (Meteorological society of Japan) web page

I wrote a column in the web page of MSJ (Meteorological Society of Japan). This page has links to columns by many Japanese researchers, which focus on their original motivations when they decided to be researchers, and their work-life balance. I utilized a photo taken at the riverside of the Ganges in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I like it very much! This page takes me back to my first objective.

Today, I am in Pune, IITM Guest House

Now I am in IITM Guest House in Pune. I did not have real holidays in these several weeks. I am now taking a little rest in these Saturday and Sunday. I am beginning an English Blog here, for my oversea friends.

From Monday, I'll check some data book in library. Huge amount of data!